Flooding in Pakistan force evacuation of almost 100,000 individuals

In a staggering response to the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan’s Punjab province, approximately 100,000 individuals found themselves navigating through inundated landscapes, while even cattle were transported on boats.

This crisis unfolded as the Sutlej River overflowed its banks on a fateful Sunday, submerging several hundred villages and vast expanses of farmland. Over the past few days, rescue teams embarked on a mission, traveling from one village to another, tirelessly collecting stranded residents who clung to the rooftops of their submerged homes as water levels surged.

Others resorted to pushing motorcycles through the shallower waters or hoisting their precious belongings above their heads, determined to find refuge on dry ground.

Kashif Mehmood, a 29-year-old who, along with his wife and three children, sought safety in a relief camp, recounted their arduous journey, stating, “The floodwaters came a couple of days ago, and all our houses were submerged. We walked all the way here on foot with great difficulty.”

Local doctor Muhammad Amin, volunteering at a relief camp, described the dire situation: “There is five or six feet (1.5 to 1.8 meters) of water over the roads. The only route that could have been used is now underwater.”

Muhammad Aslam, Pakistan’s chief meteorologist overseeing flood-related matters, reported that the river had reached its highest level in 35 years.

In response to this crisis, Farooq Ahmad, spokesperson for the Punjab emergency services, stated, “We have rescued 100,000 people and transferred them to safer places.”

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