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Burj Al-Arab, also known as the “Tower of the Arabs,” is a luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel stands at a height of 321 meters and is considered as one of the most iconic buildings in the world. The Burj Al-Arab is not only known for its opulent amenities, but also for its unique architectural design and the world-class services it provides to its guests. One of the most impressive features of the hotel is its tennis court, which is located at a height of 211 meters, making it the highest tennis court in the world.

The tennis court at the top of the Burj Al-Arab is a remarkable feat of engineering and design. It is suspended between two helipads, and the court’s dimensions are identical to a standard tennis court. The playing surface is made of acrylic, and the court is surrounded by a fence to prevent the balls from flying over the edge of the helipad. The court can only be accessed by helicopter or by climbing up a ladder from the lower helipad, which adds to its exclusivity.

The tennis court at the top of the Burj Al-Arab has attracted the attention of the world’s top tennis players, who have had the opportunity to play a match on this unique court. Some of the most famous tennis players to have played on this court include Roger Federer and Andre Agassi. The hotel also hosts an annual tennis tournament called the Burj Al-Arab Tennis Championship, which invites some of the world’s top tennis players to compete against each other on this iconic court.

Apart from the tennis court, the Burj Al-Arab is also famous for its luxurious amenities and services. The hotel has 202 suites, each with a unique interior design, and some of the most advanced technology available. The hotel also has nine restaurants and bars, a private beach, and a range of water sports and leisure activities. The Burj Al-Arab is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and it is a popular destination for high-profile guests and celebrities.

In conclusion, the Burj Al-Arab is an architectural marvel and a symbol of Dubai’s modernity and opulence. The world’s highest tennis court located at the top of the hotel is a testament to the city’s passion for innovation and excellence. Whether you are a tennis fan or not, a visit to the Burj Al-Arab is an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of human ingenuity and creativity.

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