Leading ride-hailing company Careem has unveiled its latest offering, the Mass-Commute service, designed specifically for corporate clients. In response to the escalating challenges posed by rising inflation, Careem aims to provide businesses with a cost-effective transportation solution, allowing them to save up to 40% on travel expenses.

Understanding the growing demand for affordable transportation options, Careem has tailored this new service to provide customized solutions for corporate needs. Muhammad Imran, General Manager of Careem Pakistan, explained, “As inflationary pressures mount in Pakistan, companies are actively seeking ways to reduce costs. Careem’s mass-commute service offers tailor-made and cost-effective transportation solutions for businesses.”

One of the primary focuses of the Mass-Commute service is optimizing vehicle occupancy through carpooling. By facilitating three to four people to share a ride, Careem significantly reduces fuel consumption, thereby minimizing the overall cost per employee. Moreover, the company ensures route optimization, offering the most efficient routes in terms of both price and time.

Careem has also introduced Careem for Business (C4B), a comprehensive service dedicated to making corporate travel more accessible and affordable. Distinguishing itself from the previously launched service in 2022, C4B allows up to 22 individuals to share a vehicle for their daily commute.

The Mass-Commute service encompasses vehicles of all sizes and types, including coasters, hiatus, and jets. It presents an excellent opportunity for companies looking to provide transportation for their employees’ daily commute, as well as for organizing corporate events within and outside the city.

Imran Saleem, General Manager at Careem, emphasized, “We understand the challenges faced by companies in providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation for their employees. Solutions like mass commute, carpooling, inter-city rides, and premium services allow us to deliver the best experience and value for money to our corporate clients.”

C4B offers an array of augmented features and corporate travel packages, catering specifically to the needs of corporate clients. From transportation to and from remote areas to 24/7 vehicle rentals and premium rental options, Careem ensures a seamless and convenient experience for corporate travel.

Currently serving over 550 companies across Pakistan, C4B offers customized solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each organization. Some prominent companies already benefiting from Careem’s services include Daraz, FlyJinnah, Hamdard Labs, Tri-Pack, TATA Pakistan, Gerrys Dnata, Mindstrom, and PHI.

Notably, carpooling services have also been adopted by Nestle, House of Habib, AirSial, Packages, BASF, SadaPay, Sapphire, Enfrashare, YAP, and many more. Furthermore, Careem’s services extend beyond corporate clients to include regular users, such as Jazz, PTCL, Fly Jinnah, Engro, Khaadi, Ufone, Philip Morris, LCI, Maersk, IBA, AKU, Descon, and K-Electric.

Careem, renowned for transforming the lives of everyday commuters since 2012, boasts a vast network of over 2.5 million Captains and has served more than 50 million customers. By creating opportunities for regional talent and fostering a thriving platform, Careem continues to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry.

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