Two siblings died after consuming low-quality noodles from the Baghanpur Bazar of Manawan area of Lahore. The ill-fated children were identified as Maryam, 11-year-old and Rafia, 9-year-old.

Their mother bought the noodles from the Baghanpur Bazar, cooked them at home, and served them. Shortly after the meal, the children fell severely ill. Reportedly, Maryam passed away at home, while Rafia was shifted to a hospital and breathed her last there.

After the incident, the parents of the children refused to register a case. But, the police started with further legal action.

It is beyond doubt that the tragedy establishes persistent issues with safety, and severe enforcement of food standards has just become necessary. Police officials want to know the origin of those low-quality noodles in Lahore, and the local administrations would increase checking over the consignments of edibles in the markets.

The unwillingness of the parents to lodge an FIR can make the case legally problematic and challenging, which might help reduce the amount of compensation for the parents of those dead children.

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