End of Free Electricity for Government Employees as Energy Costs Soar

Amidst soaring energy bills burdening the general public, the Ministry of Energy has dashed any hopes of government employees receiving free electricity.

With an annual cost amounting to Rs. 25 billion, the Ministry of Energy has proposed the discontinuation of free electricity privileges for approximately 200,000 government employees.

Although interim Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar had previously halted plans to revoke this perk, the country’s dire financial situation, marked by trillions in deficits and mounting losses, has made such concessions unfeasible.

The Energy Department is poised to present a fresh proposal to the Prime Minister’s office, pending the approval of interim Energy Minister Mohammad Ali, according to statements by the Energy Secretary to Hum News.

Present statistics indicate that a staggering 32,000 government officials are already consuming electricity valued at Rs. 12 billion annually without bearing any cost for this consumption.

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