A Chennai Super Kings (CSK) fan’s unwavering devotion to MS Dhoni has gone viral. The man, whose name hasn’t been released, reportedly spent a staggering INR 64,000 on black tickets to watch Dhoni play against the Kolkata Knight Riders with his three daughters.

Unable to secure tickets through official channels, the ardent fan prioritized seeing his idol over his daughters’ immediate school fee needs. “I didn’t get the tickets, so I bought them in black,” he confessed to Sportwalk Chennai. “It was a total of ₹64,000. I am yet to pay the school fees. But we wanted to see MS Dhoni just once. My three daughters and I are very happy,” he added.

His sacrifice extended beyond the financial burden. One of his daughters expressed her joy, saying, “My father has worked very hard to get these tickets. We were very happy when Dhoni came to play.”

While Dhoni’s contribution to the match was a single unbeaten run, his presence evidently made the experience unforgettable for this dedicated family. This incident highlights the immense fan following Dhoni enjoys and the lengths fans go to witness him play.

The victory against KKR marked CSK’s third win in five matches, solidifying their position as IPL contenders.

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