Fifth Wave of COVID-19 Hitting France at an Alarming Rate

The government of France has confirmed on Sunday that COVID-19 infection cases in the country are increasing alarmingly and have nearly doubled in the last week.

The number of cases which were 9,458 last week have now climbed to 17,153 in this week. This according to the health department is an 81% increase and is concerning.

Gabrial Attal, government spokesman said “The fifth wave is starting at lightning speed.”

He added that the cases have increased three times in the last seven days, pointing towards an exponential spread of the infection.

However, despite the spread of infections at such a huge level, it is noteworthy that the hospitals are not crowded with COVID-19 patients. Authorities are linking this achievement with the vaccination that has been proven effective against the infection. According to the data given by hospitals, on Saturday, 7,974 patients visited hospitals and only 1,333 of them required intensive treatment. The figures were 6,500 and 1,000 respectively, last month.

Attal further said, “There is a very strong increase in infections, but we also know that in France we have a very large vaccination cover. We seem to be ahead of our neighbours concerning booster shots.”

France has also introduced several traveling policies that have helped the country control COVID-19. One of such policies is the health pass required at cafes, restaurants and other venues stating the current COVID-19 status of the person, e.g.: vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from the infection.

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