Pakistan's First Electric Bike with Swappable Battery
Image: ZYP

ZYP Technologies, a Pakistani startup, has introduced the country’s first electric bike with a swappable battery, called Magvus. The bike is based on the popular Chinese 150cc bike, Road Prince Wego, and boasts features such as an IP67 waterproof motor, a lithium battery designed to last for five years, and a range of 120km in economy mode. Magvus also has a top speed of 100km/h and can go from 0-60km/h in just 6 seconds.

The company is also working on developing battery swap stations that will allow users to swap batteries in under two minutes. This concept serves as a “fuel station” for bikes and has been practiced in India and other countries for a long time. The development of these stations will help to address the issue of limited charging infrastructure in Pakistan and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Although there is currently no information about the launch date and price of Magvus, the fact that the bike is almost production-ready suggests that the launch is imminent. The introduction of Magvus and the development of battery swap stations by ZYP Technologies represent significant steps towards the promotion of sustainable transportation and the reduction of carbon emissions in Pakistan.

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