Forbes’ prestigious “30 Under 30 Asia” list for 2024 has shone a spotlight on the burgeoning talent from Pakistan, with six young achievers making their mark among the region’s top innovators and entrepreneurs. Unveiled on Thursday, the annual list celebrates 300 trailblazers under 30 across the Asia-Pacific, highlighting their contributions to various industries and sectors.

Among the honored Pakistanis are Adeel Abid, Aizaz Nayyer, Ali Raza, Aleena Nadeem, Kasra Zunnaiyyer, and Bushra Sultan, representing diverse fields ranging from technology to art. Ali Raza, co-founder of Linkstar and Oliv, expressed his elation at the recognition, seeing it as validation for their team’s relentless efforts and dedication.

Sarkhail Shahid Bawany, Head of Product at ABHI, also earned a spot on the prestigious list, echoing a sense of pride and honor at the acknowledgment by Forbes. Bawany emphasized Pakistan’s vast talent pool and potential, pledging to continue contributing to the country’s growth and innovation on a global scale.

Forbes’ rigorous evaluation process sifted through over 4,000 candidates, assessing factors such as funding, revenue, social impact, and inventiveness. The list encompasses individuals driving change across diverse sectors, including healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.

The inclusion of Pakistanis in this esteemed roster underscores the country’s increasing prominence in the global entrepreneurial landscape, serving as a milestone for the honorees and a source of inspiration for aspiring young innovators. Their achievements not only reflect positively on Pakistan’s innovation ecosystem but also reaffirm its position as a hub of talent and creativity.

For these young achievers, the recognition by Forbes is not just an accolade but a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, fueling their commitment to shaping a brighter future for Pakistan and beyond.

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