Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar has hinted at a potential reconsideration of trade relations with India, suggesting discussions on the matter during his media interactions in London following his attendance at the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels. Dar emphasized the high costs associated with trade via intermediaries like Dubai and Singapore, indicating Pakistan’s desire for direct trade with India.

This move comes as trade relations between the two countries have been suspended since India’s revocation of the special status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019. Pakistan’s business community has expressed eagerness for the restoration of direct trade with India, a sentiment echoed by Dar.

“We will take a decision after consultations with all stakeholders,” he said.

Furthermore, Dar underscored the government’s commitment to implementing a five-year roadmap for economic progress and reducing inflation, crediting the previous government led by Shehbaz Sharif for saving Pakistan from economic collapse. He highlighted Pakistan’s vision for nuclear energy since the 1960s and its continued efforts to harness its benefits despite international scrutiny, noting nuclear and hydro energy as safe and effective solutions for addressing climate change.

“Now the world is saying that nuclear and hydro energy are the safest and best for taking on the challenge of climate change.”

Dar also emphasized the importance of aggressive financing from international financial institutions for nuclear projects, advocating for Pakistan’s interests on the international stage. Additionally, he urged Pakistanis to set aside politics when abroad and unite for the country’s interests, emphasizing the constitutional and legal framework in place for elections and calling for acceptance of election results by all parties.

“We have comprehensive constitutional and legal cover for elections”, adding different parties got the mandate of the people and it should be accepted.”

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