Members of the parliamentary committee have shown concern over the increased number of crimes in the federal capital. The Senate Standing Committee on Interior had a meeting with Senator Mohsin Aziz at Parliament house where the recent law and order situation of the city was discussed.

The recent robbery at the house of a Senator in F-10 was also discussed in the meeting. This robbery took place in the broad daylight and have raised many eyebrows over the security measures in Islamabad.

Image Credit: Dawn News

Senator Saifullah Abro said, “This is not a katcha area rather the federal capital.”

There have been 954 robberies, 130 murders, 47 rape cases and 585 theft cases reported in ICT this year so far. Senator Fawzia Arshad said that people are now losing hope in the police and this is a “very very sad thing.” she further said that many criminal activities have been taken place in F-7, but the police have failed to control or stop them.

She added, “Since a number of robberies had already taken place in our surrounding streets, we were sure that anytime we would also be looted.” According to her, her husband was trying to contact Rescue 15 but their number was busy and they never received a call back from them either.

She said, “I belonged to a blessed family, am not here for my case rather I want the life and property of the people of Islamabad protected.”

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