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The Hajj 2023 is officially starting from today. More than 3 million Pilgrims have reached the tent valley to start their Hajj rituals. The pilgrims will stay in Mina the whole day today and tonight. Then they will move toward Arafat to offer the Hajj prayers.

A majority of Pakistani pilgrims will reach Arafat by train as more than 63% of them have been allotted tents in the vicinity of train route.

The remaining Hujjaj will head to Arafat via a buss or on foot.

The Pakistan Hajj Mission has adviced people to follow their schedule in order to avoid any mishap due to hot weather or overcrowding.

Hajj is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam and is mandatory for anyone who has enough money to perform it.

There are a series of rites that need to be completed in four days as part of this scared journey.

The pilgrims started reaching Mina on Sunday night. Later on, they will head to Arafat where the Hajj sermon will be delivered. It is also believed that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH also delivered his last sermon at this place.

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