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Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. Though it has been there for a while now, not many people are aware of the innumerable features that can make your Facebook experience better.

Customise Your News Feed

In order to get rid of unnecessary feed posts, do the following settings.

Settings & Privacy > Settings > News Feed Preferences

Now that you are here, choose whatever you’d like to see while using the social media platform. You can add your favourite accounts, snooze pages, reconnect or disconnect (choose to see their posts) with people.

Hidden Messages

There are certain messages that your friends send you and you get notifications of these messages immediately. However, there are some messages that are sent by people who are not in your friend’s list. To see this messages, go to

Messenger and click on your profile photo. Now select Message requests from the drop-down menu. From here, you can read all those hidden messages.

Stop Playing Videos Automatically

You can simply turn off the auto-playbof videos by changing your settings to this

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Media > Autoplay, and select Never Autoplay Videos.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

In order to protect your account from hackers, enable two factor authentication. Facebook accounts can get hacked easily.

Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Password and Security> Use two-factor authentication.

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