Continuing his mission to support Pakistan’s neglected sport, Shoaib Malik – the former captain of Pakistan Cricket team – has launched “iBleedGreen” a national movement to empower all athletes, across all sports.

And to kick-off the campaign, Malik has announced to initiate funding to support Pakistan’s champion wrestler Inam Butt to ensure his participation in next year’s Olympics and this year’s World Beach Games.

“#iBleedGreen is a national movement to empower the Pakistani athletes across all sports, with a key focus on non-mainstream sport(s) in which we are heartbeats away from winning a World Title. Its core mission is to be a catalyst to help national athletes to live up to their full potential as public assets for Pakistan and Pakistani society – making a significant contribution to the development of youth, the well-being of individuals, and quality of life in our communities,” Malik said in a statement introducing #IBleedGreen.

“Our plan to launch #iBleedGreen was originally for July 2019, but due to the inspiring story of Inam Butt, we decided to launch a beta version to support his journey to the Olympics 2020 being held in Tokyo. Details here, please spread the word and support him as much as possible – the time is short. Imagine the inspiration an Olympic Gold medal can bring to our youth, who are 65% of the Pakistani population,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that #iBleedGreen is a portal to raise to fund through various methods which include crowdfunding as starters. 100% of the funds raised will go towards the athlete’s development plan to represent Pakistan for another chance at a World Title.

As the first step, the first target for the campaign is to generate 5 million PKR for Inam Butt. Details of expenditures are mentioned on this page

Malik has offered his Cricket World Cup shirt, along with other items signed by Hasan Ali and Sana Mir for those who participate in this campaign.

“As Pakistanis, it is our duty to support all those who make us proud by giving their blood and sweat in various sports fields,” Malik said.