The participants of Aurat March Lahore talked about Feminism in Time of Crisis this year. They asked organizers to design placards and posters for the same cause and already informed everyone that no discriminatory posts will be tolerated.

We will not condone any message that will instigate or propagate violence and hate speech,” Iffat Omar who is known to be vocal against several issues also took to the streets of Lahore and demanded equality on payscale. Her placard read, “Kaam pura tou ujrat aadhi kiun?” which can be translated to, “why pay half when the whole work has been done?”

Omar’s placard was shared on media and social media and since then, many social media users seem to have problems with her stance. Though her placard is not derogatory or inciting hate but she is recieving bashing from people with a specific mindset. “If I don’t know how to act, then why do [they] chase me for work? I refuse to work! So literally, go to hell if you are ridiculing pay gap in Pakistan.” She added, “I don’t know how to act but even Mahira doesn’t get paid as much as Fawad. Women like you, who don’t support other women demanding their basic human rights, are the biggest disappointment.” One user commented, “It’s because of your face, the rest of them get paid full.” Another tweeted, “Say this to the people who paid you half.”

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