Islamabad’s Hiking Trails Closed for Public Temporarily

In a precautionary move, the Islamabad administration has announced the temporary closure of hiking trails 3 and 5 for the public from July 30 to August 1. The decision has been taken to ensure the utmost security of a visiting high-level foreign delegation, including Chinese Vice Premier, He Lifeng, who will be arriving as President Xi Jinping’s Special Envoy.

The Office of District Magistrate Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) issued a late notification on July 29, informing the public about the closure of these popular hiking trails, known for attracting both locals and tourists.

Although the closure may cause inconvenience to the public, the administration emphasizes the significance of maintaining a secure environment during crucial diplomatic visits. Hosting such esteemed foreign delegates demands heightened security measures and restricted access to specific areas to guarantee their safety and smooth proceedings during their stay.

By temporarily limiting access to these hiking trails, the authorities aim to prevent any potential untoward incidents and ensure a successful and safe visit for the esteemed delegation.

In light of the visit, the government had previously declared Monday and Tuesday as local holidays in the federal capital. This step showcases the importance placed on providing a secure and suitable environment for the high-profile foreign delegate’s visit.

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