Karachi has witnessed a significant reduction in wheat flour prices, with the cost per kilogram of fine flour dropping by Rs 25. The new official retail price for fine flour is set at Rs 100 per kg, while the wholesale price stands at Rs 95 per kg, and the ex-mill price is Rs 92 per kg.

Chakki flour prices have also been reduced, with the retail price now fixed at Rs 115 per kg, a decrease of Rs 8 per kg from the previous price of Rs 123 per kg. These adjustments come after the Karachi administration set prices for essential commodities, including flour and sugar, on May 9.

In addition to wheat flour, the administration has set the wholesale price of sugar at Rs 137 per kg, with the retail price at Rs 140 per kg. The pricing of tandoori naan (120 grams) has been fixed at Rs 17, and chapati (100 grams) at Rs 12.

Commissioner Karachi has issued a stern warning against those who violate these official prices, promising strict action to ensure compliance. These measures aim to provide relief to consumers amid fluctuating market conditions.

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