In a remarkable effort to foster inclusivity and provide educational opportunities, the District Education Council of Lahore has introduced a pioneering initiative. Special classes will be allocated for the transgender community in all government schools across the 260 Union Councils of the provincial capital.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to address the educational needs of transgender individuals and ensure their access to high-quality education.

To implement this plan, each high school within Lahore’s Union Councils will dedicate two classrooms exclusively for transgender students. Additionally, a designated teacher will be assigned to cater specifically to their educational needs.

To ensure effective implementation and supervision, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the council will personally oversee the education and facilities provided to the transgender community in these designated schools.

This decision comes at a pivotal moment when there is a noticeable surge in interest among transgender individuals to pursue education.

According to the Punjab School Education Department (SED), there are currently 1,488 transgender students enrolled in public schools across the province.

Recognizing the importance of creating educational opportunities and a conducive learning environment, Lahore’s District Education Authority (DEA) is actively working to support the transgender community.

Following a recent meeting at the CEO’s office, a decision was made to involve all Union Councils in Lahore, ensuring maximum educational opportunities for transgender individuals.

The closure of the only dedicated transgender school in Lahore’s Garden Town area last month left community members and representatives disheartened due to insufficient funds.

Expressing disappointment over the closure, Pervaiz Akhtar, CEO of DEA, acknowledged the challenges faced, particularly regarding transportation and limited funds. The closure raised concerns about the availability of educational institutions for the transgender community.

To overcome these challenges, DEA has devised a comprehensive plan that involves allocating classes and teachers in all Union Councils. This approach enables transgender students to receive education within their own communities, eliminating the need for long-distance travel.

“We already have dedicated teachers who will educate transgender students, so there is no requirement to hire additional staff on a contract basis. We are allocating two classrooms for community members, minimizing the need for extra infrastructure,” explained CEO Pervaiz Akhtar.

Furthermore, a campaign will be launched to encourage admissions and ensure maximum enrollment of transgender individuals in public schools.

This groundbreaking education plan represents a significant stride toward promoting inclusivity, empowering the transgender community through education, and ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for all residents of Lahore.

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