Meet Zainab Shafiq, a Pakistani content writer yearning for more opportunities

Zainab Shafiq, a skilled content writer hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, has been making a name for herself in the world of cricket and beyond. With her passion for the sport and her dedication to her craft, Zainab embarked on her writing journey by starting a small website called OPN Sports. Little did she know that this humble beginning would lead her to work with some of the biggest names in cricket.

As Zainab honed her skills, she joined esteemed cricket giants like the Green Team as a volunteer, which provided her with valuable opportunities to enhance her portfolio. Soon enough, more websites approached her, including the renowned Zerteck Digital agency, where she worked on prestigious cricket projects such as Crictribune and Cricfolks, among others. In total, Zainab has worked with around 10 Zerteck’s websites, both cricket-related and non-cricket sites, showcasing her versatility as a writer.

reach extends beyond Pakistan, as she has also been collaborating with Sports Connect, an agency based in India. Through her work with this agency, Zainab exemplifies how sports can transcend borders and unite people from different countries. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences showcases the power of sports in fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion, regardless of geographical boundaries. By working across borders, Zainab demonstrates her commitment to breaking barriers and promoting a global understanding through the universal language of sports.

Not limited to news-based pieces, Zainab also possesses a perfect grip on writing engaging blogs. In just two years, she had the chance to collaborate with prominent cricket websites like the International Cricketers Association UK, Cricketholic, and Khelshel. However, despite her exceptional skills, Zainab faced the challenge of being underestimated with low payments and stuck payments, despite being approached by several websites. Undeterred, she juggled working for 6 to 7 websites simultaneously, crafting approximately 20 blogs per day.

Zainab Shafiq’s writing skills are beyond cricket as she gathers more than 6000 articles in 4 years in various categories for 40 businesses

Zainab’s writing journey began during the 2019 World Cup warm-up matches, and she has since completed four years in the field. While cricket remains her forte, she has expanded her portfolio to cover various categories such as health, lifestyle, technology, crypto, relationships, economy, and many more. Her expertise has attracted the attention of PNC Digital, a UK-based software house in Pakistan, where she has contributed her talents. Recently, Zainab accomplished the remarkable feat of completing 2,000 articles for Cricfolks, one of Zerteck’s esteemed projects. In total, she has amassed over 6,000 valuable articles to her name which is equivalent to a prestigious record. Quantities vary for different websites through freelancing.

Zainab’s reputation as a talented writer has also led her to work as a tech in-house writer for Sportskeeda, a world giant in the sports industry. She has also freelanced for them in the health and fitness niche, while simultaneously collaborating with Sports Trends Canada. However, Zainab now yearns for more opportunities to enhance her remote working skills, as she prefers the flexibility of working independently from the comfort of her own home.

Although Zainab has tried platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, her lack of success there hasn’t dampened her spirit. She remains thankful for the nearly 40 clients she has worked with, all acquired through social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Presently, Zainab continues to contribute her writing expertise to various websites, including Trending Pakistan, Home of T20, Digital Spartans, Cricfolks, Sportskeeda, Green Team, and others.

Zainab now seeks well-paid opportunities

As Zainab Shafiq looks to the future, she eagerly seeks well-paying opportunities that will further fuel her passion for writing. Her journey thus far showcases her determination and resilience in pursuing her dreams, as she remains committed to becoming an independent woman who excels in her field while enjoying the comforts of working from home.

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