Pakistan baseball team's participation in Asian Games in jeopardy

The participation of the Pakistan baseball team in the upcoming Asian Games hangs in the balance as the team faces financial challenges that could jeopardize their presence.

Pakistan Sports Board halts Pakistan Baseball Team’s participation in Asian Games

Recent reports indicate that the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has announced its decision to cover the expenses for only three games, namely hockey, volleyball, and kabaddi. The federation of other team games, including baseball, has been left responsible for their own financial arrangements.

This situation poses a significant predicament for the Pakistan Baseball Federation, as the high costs involved make it increasingly difficult for the team to maintain its international presence. Despite securing the fifth position and advancing to the second round of the Asian Games, the baseball team now faces uncertainty regarding their participation due to these unfortunate circumstances.

Insider sources reveal that the Baseball Federation has been burdened with the task of acquiring tickets for the 30-member squad, adding to their already challenging responsibilities. Moreover, the federation is expected to provide a daily allowance of $50 per player, further intensifying the financial strain on the team.

In an effort to prioritize medal prospects, the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) has made the decision to sponsor teams that have a higher likelihood of achieving success and bringing home glory.

The current financial constraints faced by the Pakistan Baseball Federation cast a shadow of doubt over the team’s ability to participate in the Asian Games. As the federation grapples with the financial burdens and seeks potential solutions, the fate of the Pakistan baseball team in the upcoming games remains uncertain.

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