Pakistan Railways Extends Support to Tableeghi Ijtema Congregation at Raiwind Station
Image: PR

On the final day of the Tableeghi Ijtema, a religious congregation held annually in Pakistan, the Pakistan Railways (PR) went above and beyond to accommodate the influx of travelers at the Raiwind Train Station. The PR Lahore Division administration had deployed additional staff to manage the crowds, while several trains were allowed to halt at the station to cater to the congregation’s needs.

The PR had also taken additional measures to ensure the congregation’s comfort and safety, including the attachment of extra coaches to trains and the operation of special trains, alongside clean drinking water, reception, and medical camps. The station was under full-time security personnel, and guide personnel were on hand to assist visitors.

The Tableeghi Ijtema is a gathering of Muslims who come together to learn about their faith and strengthen their bond with fellow believers. The event attracts millions of visitors from across Pakistan and the world and is considered one of the largest religious gatherings globally. Raiwind Station, located on the outskirts of Lahore, is a crucial transport hub for the event, serving as a gateway for many attendees.

By extending support to the congregation, the Pakistan Railways has demonstrated its commitment to providing seamless and efficient services to passengers, particularly during significant events. The PR’s efforts in accommodating the Tableeghi Ijtema congregation at Raiwind Station showcase its dedication to ensuring that transportation services are accessible and convenient for all.

The PR’s provision of additional resources, staff, and facilities at Raiwind Station is a testament to the organization’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers. Such efforts go a long way in ensuring the success of events such as the Tableeghi Ijtema and contribute to building a positive image of Pakistan Railways among its users.