Distinguished Pakistani boxer, Asif Hazara, is on the cusp of etching his name in history as he aims to become the pioneer Pakistani contender contending for the coveted Australian Super Flyweight championship.

All eyes are riveted on the impending clash between Asif Hazara and his Australian counterpart, Brian Agina. The much-anticipated match is slated for September 16th and will unfold at the Melbourne Pavilion.

Acknowledged for his rapid reflexes and formidable technique, attributes that have garnered several national titles, Asif Hazara hones his prowess in the super flyweight 52kg category.

Earning a spot in the Australian Super Flyweight lineup underscores his unwavering dedication and symbolizes a significant leap forward for Pakistan’s boxing community.

It is of significance to highlight that earlier this year, Asif Hazara clinched the esteemed international ranking fight title following a riveting bout in Melbourne, Australia.

Asif Hazara’s path to victory was sealed with a decisive knockout against his adversary, Samin of Thailand, securing the championship laurels in the 52kg Super Flyweight division.

Notably, in September of the preceding year, Asif Hazara seized the World Boxing League (WBL) Asia Pacific title, triumphing over his Fijian counterpart in a championship encounter hosted in Sydney.

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