We learned a lot in 2022, and our stars have taught us, even more, this year. We learned the value of giving, the importance of being quiet, and a slew of other lessons we will carry with us into the new year. Here are some of the lessons we learned this year due to our stars.

  • Iqra Aziz believes that actions speak louder than words.

Iqra Aziz backed out of a project with Feroz Khan, an actor accused of abuse and infidelity by his ex-wife and currently fighting for custody of their children in court. As celebrities showed their support for Syeda Aliza, Aziz went one step further by withdrawing from a project with Khan to show his support for domestic abuse survivors. Her decision taught us that breaking up with friends is okay if necessary to support what you believe in. She taught us that you don’t have to be silent just because you work with someone and that action is required.

  • Resham taught us that admitting mistakes is the best way to move forward.

This year, Resham unintentionally sparked a debate about whether trash belongs in rivers or in the bin. Her act of dumping food and plastic containers in a river was widely condemned. People frequently have difficulty admitting and repenting for their mistakes in showbiz. In this case, Resham apologized not once but every time she had the opportunity to express her regret for the way she dumped the trash. This year, she taught us to forgive and apologize for our mistakes.

  • Hadiqa Kiani taught us to help the one in need.

Many people stepped forward to assist the 33 million Pakistanis affected by the floods this year. Hadiqa Kiani was one of many people who organized funds and arranged everything from food and medicine to comfortable clothing, and she also promised to rebuild villages. She taught us that there’s nothing better than helping people in need and doing good for others when they need you the most. She taught us that you don’t have to be a high-ranking official to assist a village in need. You could be an ordinary person who uses their platform for the best intentions.

  • Hira Mani taught us to never discuss sensitive issues unless we have all the facts.

Hira Mani taught us not to speak without having all of the facts in order and not to double down on immaturity and make excuses to cover it up. She taught us that we should know the facts before ranting about any hot topic on the internet.

  • Maria B taught us to stop making everything about ourselves

Fashion designer Maria B. was one of those who taught us to keep quiet. Not only because her misinformed opinions were widely disseminated on the internet but also because she repeatedly inserted herself into social issues that were neither about her nor involved her. Maria B taught us to be silent and not to participate in a conversation that had nothing to do with us unless we amplified the voices of those involved.

  • Fahad Mustafa taught us to not mess with the BTS ARMY

He taught us that even if you don’t like BTS or have never heard their music, you should keep your thoughts to yourself because their fans will not tolerate any disrespect.

Their stories had one thing in common: they were not treated with respect, which was the lesson we learned. Be kind and respectful, and don’t make fun of anyone!

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