In an impressive display of skill, Pakistani snooker maestro Mohammad Asif has left his mark at the ongoing British Open 2023 held at the Morningside Arena.

In a riveting qualifying round clash, the 40-year-old cueist astonished the seven-time world champion, Stephen Hendry, emerging victorious with a 4-2 scoreline.

The match witnessed Asif’s seasoned prowess shine from the start, with an opening break of 73, showcasing his artistry on the snooker table.

Despite initially trailing, the Faisalabad-born star made a remarkable comeback, clinching the next three frames and securing a commanding 3-1 lead over Stephen Hendry.

However, the tide turned once again in Hendry’s favor when he triumphed over Mohammad Asif with a score of 74-43 in the fifth frame, narrowing the lead to a single frame.

Undeterred by the narrowed gap, Mohammad Asif maintained his momentum, claiming the sixth frame with a break of 66, securing a triumphant finish to the match.

The thrilling encounter culminated with Asif securing an historic victory, reflected in the scores of 6-92, 85-11, 63-41, 58-41, 43-74, and 67-30.

For his remarkable achievement and entry into the main draw of 64 players in the prestigious event, the Pakistani snooker prodigy was awarded a prize of three thousand pounds.

Worth noting is the participation of another Pakistani player, Asjad Iqbal, in the ongoing qualifying round. Iqbal is set to face off against Pengfei of China on August 17, adding to the anticipation of the tournament.

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