Pakistan's national football team jumps four places in FIFA rankings
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Pakistan’s national football team has achieved a momentous feat by climbing four places in the FIFA rankings, following their historic victory against Cambodia in a recent qualifier game. This remarkable achievement now places them at 193rd in the FIFA rankings, a significant leap from their previous ranking of 197.

The game, which took place at the revered Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad, was a momentous event in Pakistan’s football history. It’s a match that will be etched in the memory of football enthusiasts across the nation.

One of the standout moments occurred in the 67th minute when Harun Hamid scored a goal that will be remembered as a turning point in Pakistani football. Hamid’s historic goal not only propelled his team to victory but also sent waves of jubilation throughout the stadium. The entire nation joined in the celebrations as Pakistan secured its place in the next round of the qualifiers.

With this significant achievement under their belt, Pakistan now sets its sights on the next phase of the qualifiers. They have been placed in Group G for the second round of the qualifiers, where they will face formidable opponents such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Tajikistan. This presents a new set of challenges for the Pakistani team as they aim to continue their successful journey in the qualifiers and make their mark on the international football stage.

This historic win and the subsequent rise in FIFA rankings are not just a demonstration of the team’s hard work and determination but also a source of pride and inspiration for football enthusiasts in Pakistan. It showcases the potential and talent that exists within the country and serves as a beacon of hope for the future of Pakistani football.

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