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Tragedy struck in the Zarchain region of Balochistan’s Wadh city on Tuesday, claiming the life of a child and leaving eight others injured when a hand grenade unexpectedly detonated, as reported by local authorities.

Wadh Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Abdul Manaf provided insights into the incident, revealing that a group of children, who were students at a local madressah, had been “playing with the hand grenade when it exploded,” resulting in the unfortunate casualties.

In the immediate aftermath of the blast, the injured youngsters were rushed to a nearby hospital in Wadh. However, the severity of the injuries led to the decision to transfer two of them to a hospital in Khuzdar. Tragically, one of the young victims succumbed to their injuries during this transfer, as conveyed by Manaf.

In response to the incident, authorities cordoned off the area, initiating an ongoing investigation to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. The community and law enforcement agencies are left grappling with the sorrowful consequences of a seemingly innocent act of play gone awry.

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