Pakistan's number 1 squash player unpaid for half a year

Renowned Pakistani squash player, Asim Khan, has expressed his frustration regarding the non-payment of his salary for the past five months, a recurring problem that has persisted over several years. Despite proudly representing Pakistan at the international level, Asim questions how the country’s name can be elevated when its own sports stars are not being rightfully compensated.

Asim Khan, who is employed by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), emphasized the significance of fair remuneration and urged for timely payment of salaries before demanding medals and glory for the nation.

Pakistan’s renowned squash player demands his salary

Asim Khan’s tweet sheds light on a broader issue within Pakistan’s sporting community, extending beyond his personal circumstances. The delay in receiving salaries not only affects the financial well-being of athletes but also impacts their motivation and ability to focus on excelling in their respective sports.

Being a top-rated squash player who has brought laurels to Pakistan through exceptional talent and hard work, Asim Khan deserves proper payment and recognition from the relevant authorities. However, the lack of these has left him disheartened.

Currently ranked 66th in the world, Asim stands as a testament to the invaluable role of athletes in elevating Pakistan’s name on the global stage. Their dedication, commitment, and passion for their sports serve as a source of inspiration for the nation. Nevertheless, the persistent issue of unpaid salaries raises questions about the value placed on their contributions.

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