Information Minister Attaullah Tarar has voiced optimism about the production of a Hollywood film centered on Pakistan’s culture, stating that it will present the country’s positive image on the global stage. Tarar recently met with key members of the Hollywood production team, including James MC Milan, Andrew James Fiero, Luisa Iskin, Sadia Ashraf, Badr Ikram, and Mashal Saqib, to discuss the project.

During the discussions, the focus was on Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and history, with the aim of creating a film that showcases the essence of Pakistani culture. Tarar emphasized that this film would mark a significant milestone for the Pakistani film industry and expressed gratitude to the Hollywood team for their decision.

Highlighting Pakistan’s unique history, literature, music, and art, Tarar believed that the film would offer the world a fresh perspective on the beauty and diversity of Pakistan. He also outlined various government measures aimed at reviving the cinema industry, including tax amnesties, film policy restoration, and incentives for filmmakers.

The Hollywood team reciprocated the sentiment, expressing admiration for Pakistan’s cultural heritage and pledging to support the local film industry’s growth. They lauded the government, people of Pakistan, and local film industry for their cooperation and assistance, expressing their excitement about showcasing Pakistan’s beauty and heritage on the silver screen.

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