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ISLAMABAD: According to ARY News, the caretaker federal administration is set to authorize a large increase in petrol tariffs of up to 200% as well as an increase in fixed costs for protected consumers.

According to ARY sources, recommendations have been sent to the government to increase fixed charges on protected consumers.

The caretaker federal government has begun planning to impose extra financial burdens on petrol users.

Pakistan is bracing for a significant change in its energy landscape as reports indicate that gas tariffs in the country may be increased by a staggering 200%. This potential price hike has raised concerns among consumers, businesses, and policymakers, sparking debates about its implications and the need for energy sector reforms.

According to sources, the IMF has requested that petrol rates be raised in order to produce 435 billion rupees in income. According to insiders, the lender is not willing to be flexible in its demand for a petrol tariff increase.

According to sources, the government has planned a strategy to protect small petrol consumers from rate hikes by averting increases for them. According to sources, the caretaker administration will shield 64% of petrol consumers from the price increase.

According to sources, the gas rate increase will take effect on July 1st. Tariff increases can add to general inflationary pressures in the economy, influencing the pricing of a variety of goods and services.

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