Spanish footballer Jose Ignacio Peleterio, commonly known as ‘Jota,’ has joined the ranks of footballers who have embraced Islam. In a heartfelt video message, Jota revealed his decision to convert to Islam after gaining a deeper understanding of the religion from an old friend. Welcoming him into the Muslim community, Jota was presented with a cake bearing the words “Welcome to Islam” by his friend’s mother, marking the beginning of his journey in the faith.

Jota’s conversion adds to the growing number of football players worldwide who have embraced Islam. Among them is Dutch football star Clarence Seedorf, who embraced Islam in March 2022 under the influence of his Iranian-born wife, Sofia. Seedorf holds the distinction of being the only footballer to have clinched the UEFA Champions League trophy with three different clubs. He shared his conversion with his followers through an Instagram post, marking a significant milestone in his spiritual journey.

Another notable figure is former Barcelona player Eric Abidal, who converted to Islam in 2007. Abidal has attributed Islam to providing him solace and strength during challenging times, particularly when he battled liver cancer in 2011. His journey with the faith underscores the profound impact it can have on individuals beyond the realm of sport, offering spiritual guidance and resilience in the face of adversity.

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