Ismail Rahoo, the Provincial Minister for Universities and Boards, has expressed disappointment regarding the inability of various boards to prevent cheating during board exams across the province. In response, he has issued directives to board chairpersons and controllers, urging them to enforce stricter measures against students involved in misconduct.

To address the issue, the minister has decided to penalize matriculation students from Hyderabad who were caught recording TikTok videos during exams. Furthermore, he has ordered other boards in the province to follow suit in taking appropriate actions.

In a bid to enhance exam security, the Sindh government has instructed chairpersons to deploy female vigilance teams to exam centers. It has emphasized the need for increased vigilance at all centers and highlighted the importance of female teams at girls’ exam centers.

Moreover, Minister Rahoo has stressed the necessity of taking action against students who attempt to smuggle mobile phones into exam centers. He concluded by underlining the paramount importance of strictly enforcing rules and regulations at all exam venues to ensure the integrity of the examination process.

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