The Government of Sindh has formally declared the commencement and conclusion dates for the highly anticipated summer vacation in schools and colleges across the province. From June 1, students and teachers can anticipate a well-deserved break lasting a refreshing two months until July 31. Educational institutions are slated to reopen on August 1.

This decision was made during a meeting of the steering committee on education, comprising esteemed officials in the field. Various aspects of the academic calendar were discussed and deliberated upon, leading to a unanimous agreement on granting the summer vacation. All public and private institutions under the administrative control of the School Education and Literacy Department Government of Sindh are expected to adhere to these specified dates.

The government’s decision aims to provide students and educators with an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and spend quality time with their families. During this period, students are encouraged to engage in activities that foster personal growth, such as reading, pursuing hobbies, and participating in recreational pursuits.

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