The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has sent a high alert of the severe heatwave to the Lahore High Court, emphasizing the stance of extreme temperatures likely to hit the province next week. According to PDMA, the heatwave will take an upward swing of more than 50 degrees Celsius, which might prove disastrous for human life and the environment. The report was submitted during a case hearing on Friday regarding the smog and other environmental pollution.

A PDMA official apprised the court of the severe heatwave heading the way, and the message made Justice Shahid Karim upset about the threatening prediction. The PDMA official stressed that the heatwave would damage all the plants and trees, appealing to take action without any further delay.

After the warning given by the PDMA, Justice Shahid Karim instructed the PHA to mount an excessive offensive drive for the care of all the public parks in the city. He further directed the PHA to lay down a comprehensive restoration policy for the parks, with financial contributions to be chipped in from the citizens toward this cause. This has been done to ensure that all public spaces are kept green and can face the extreme heat.

In another development, a law officer apprised the court that two rainwater tanks had been installed in the CBD. This is to be a part of the general plan for the conservation of water resources, as noted by Justice Shahid Karim. If the environmental challenges ensuing from the current heatwave are to be met, more workable plans for the conservation of rainwater need to be formulated, he added.

The judge also noticed that before Eidul Azha, the city district government would be announcing an extension in the timing of markets to avoid rush and provide relaxation in shopping during more excellent hours. An office order is expected to be issued in the court’s next hearing, fixed for June 7.

The caution of the PDMA indicates the state of urgency in bracing up against the extreme hit conditions, and the court instructions are concentrated on the saving of public places and resources from the catastrophe of the heat waves. The emphasis on rainwater, on the other hand, indicates the progress about environmental-related challenges, and the fact that the natives were engaged in the reconstruction of the parks indicates the essence of stakeholder engagement in the realization of environmental-related sustainability.

Upcoming court orders and the court’s in-session schedule indicate that judicial oversight will continue, ensuring that proactive measures are taken to address the heatwave and associated environmental issues and keeping Lahore better prepared to handle the forecasted adverse climatic conditions for the week ahead.

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