'Well paid India' and 'Fixed' trend on Twitter after India unusually win Asia Cup final
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The Asia Cup 2023 witnessed a stunning final where India claimed their eighth title by crushing Sri Lanka. However, beneath the surface, a cloud of suspicion looms over the match, with fans and critics questioning the integrity of the event.

Controversy arose when it was revealed that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had initially denied Pakistan the opportunity to host the entire Asia Cup, despite Pakistan having the rightful hosting rights.

Instead, Pakistan was only granted the hosting privilege for four games. Jay Shah, a prominent figure who holds positions within both the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and BCCI, played a pivotal role in this decision. Moreover, the tournament was scheduled in Sri Lanka, a choice that seemed questionable due to the country’s frequent rain showers.

In the final, Sri Lanka’s abysmal performance, getting bowled out for a mere 50 runs, raised eyebrows. It was an extraordinary display by the Indian bowlers, particularly Mohammad Siraj, who took six wickets. Five Sri Lankan batsmen were dismissed for ducks. The result saw India winning by ten wickets, an outcome that appeared implausible considering Sri Lanka’s earlier triumphs over formidable teams like Pakistan.

This sudden collapse and the questionable circumstances surrounding the tournament have left fans suspicious and speculative. Many are beginning to question whether the Asia Cup final was, in fact, fixed, driven by political and financial motives. As investigations and discussions continue, the cricketing world awaits answers, hoping to preserve the integrity of the sport they hold dear.


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