Abdullah Shah Ghazi, a revered figure among the people of Karachi, is believed to protect the city from natural disasters, particularly those associated with the sea. As the approaching cyclone Biparjoy threatens the region with heavy rains and high winds, it is crucial for residents to prioritize safety over leisurely activities by the beach.

AWhile the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has labeled Biparjoy as a “very severe cyclonic storm (VSCS),” with winds reaching approximately 170 km/hr, authorities have attempted to enforce Section 144 on beaches to prevent potential loss of life. Unfortunately, past experiences suggest that many individuals may defy these restrictions and venture towards the shoreline.

The psychological concept of the fight or flight response, an automatic physiological reaction to perceived threats, is observed in both humans and animals. However, Pakistanis seemingly exhibit a unique trait of self-harm, disregarding the potential consequences. This national tendency towards self-neglect becomes evident during times of storm threats when beaches are filled with spectators, including children, who risk mass drowning if the cyclone strikes.

Remarkably, amidst the perilous conditions, vendors take advantage of the large crowds and prosper financially. Media reports have captured this phenomenon of national self-harm, showing families standing in waist-deep water, expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of security and government protection. However, one must consider the absence of common sense in following imposed regulations, such as Section 144, and the responsibility of citizens to refrain from endangering themselves and the lives of rescuers and law enforcement personnel.

The belief in Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s protection from natural disasters persists among Karachiites. Ghazi Sahab, a Muslim mystic and Sufi, is revered, and his shrine in Clifton is a symbol of hope. Locals often refer to him as Ghazi Sahab and trust in his safeguarding of the city from calamities, particularly those related to the sea.

As Biparjoy approaches, Karachi must prepare for adverse weather conditions and avoid unnecessary outings to the beach. It is essential to prioritize safety and remain vigilant during this time. Let us stay safe, avoid the allure of Biparjoy, and ensure the well-being of ourselves and our community.

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