The Saudi government has revealed plans to introduce a high-speed hyperloop train, lessening the travel time between Jeddah and Makkah from 50 minutes to just 5 minutes. This creative solution aims to provide a faster and more convenient conveyance option for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other travellers. The project will be executed in collaboration with the US-based company, Virgin Hyperloop.

The hyperloop technology forms a near-vacuum environment inside a tube, letting battery-powered pods travel at speeds of up to 1078 km/h, virtually eradicating aerodynamic drag. Travellers will undergo a comfortable and unpretentious journey despite the fantastic speeds.

Another hyperloop train in making

Also, the Saudi government is considering unfolding the hyperloop train service to connect Riyadh with Jeddah, downsizing the journey time from over 9 hours to less than an hour. Furthermore, the proposed train could cut the travel time between Riyadh and Dubai to just 51 minutes, proposing unprecedented convenience for passengers.

By clutching this groundbreaking technology, Saudi Arabia strives to become the foremost government in the world to embrace hyperloop trains, revolutionizing the way people travel and contributing to a more verdant future with zero direct emissions.

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