Xiaomi 13T Series Photo Exhibition
Credit: Xiaomi Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan – October 7th, 2023 – Xiaomi, a global leader in consumer electronics, hosted an unforgettable evening of visual artistry and celebration at the highly-anticipated Xiaomi 13T Series Photo Exhibition. The event took place on October 7th, 2023, at Packages Mall with a repeat performance scheduled for October 8th, offering attendees multiple opportunities to experience the power of photography and the Materpiece in Sight: Xiaomi 13T Series smartphones.

 The exhibition venue was filled to the brim with an enthusiastic and diverse audience. From photography enthusiasts to smartphone aficionados, the event brought together individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for creativity and innovation. The vibrant atmosphere buzzed with excitement and conversation. Xiaomi created more than 2000 live portraits in true style today.

Masters Behind the Lens:

The event featured an impressive lineup of guest photographers, each a master in their own right:

Qamar Pervaiz:  Qamar Parvez is a pioneer photographer who possesses an unequaled artistic and aesthetic sense. His admirable photography exhibits the elegance, grace, and charm of radiant individuals, thus unveiling the concealed beauty. Not many artists enjoy the faculty of illuminating their portraits, which is truly a matchless characteristic of his genius.

Irfan Ahson: Irfan Ahson is an award-winning photographer in Pakistan. He runs a studio in Lahore named “Fine Art Weddings by Irfan Ahson”. A colleague of Ahson’s was getting married and it was the moment from where he got an opportunity to start his wedding photography journey. “The fleeting nature of life encouraged me to indulge in photography,” he says. Ahson has had a team of twenty people working with him for the last three years, full-time. Learning something new every day through YouTube tutorials and books is a part of Ahson’s daily life routine

Arfa & Usman: We are Usman and Arfa, a couple who shares their passion of photography. We believe that together our versatility in photographic styles adds spunk and life to the images, like none other. We enjoy photography because it gives us the opportunity to share in people’s most special moments on a regular basis and record them in eternal beauty. We enjoy photography because it has made us fall in love with light and see the world with fresh eyes every single day. 

One of the evening’s highlights was the live portrait sessions, where guests witnessed the photographers at work, demonstrating the art of capturing captivating portraits using the Xiaomi 13T Series smartphones. The intimate sessions allowed attendees to gain firsthand knowledge and inspiration.

The event witnessed the presence of prominent bloggers, influencers, and media icons, who played a pivotal role in amplifying the event’s impact. They interacted with guest photographers, shared live updates, and contributed to the event’s social media presence. Their presence added an extra layer of significance to the evening. Media coverage of the Xiaomi 13T Series Photo Exhibition was extensive and far-reaching. Journalists and reporters from leading publications and television networks were on-site to capture the essence of the event. The exhibition received widespread coverage, further solidifying its position as a remarkable cultural and technological milestone.

The Xiaomi 13T Series Photo Exhibition was an evening of inspiration, innovation, and creative exploration. It brought together photography enthusiasts, smartphone users, and art lovers to witness the seamless fusion of technology and creativity.

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